The Double Knocker is a melee weapon in We Happy Few. It is a makeshift club consisting of a tree branch with two rocks taped to one end of it and the other end wrapped in tape to serve as a handle.

The Double Knocker can be seen as an upgraded version of the Head Knocker as it inflicts more damage, making it a good weapon for the middle and later stages of the game.

The Double Knocker is the most powerful Garden District weapon the player can craft and is quite capable of competing with Bobby Truncheons, Frying Pans, Rolling Pin, and other Wellie weapons found in Hamlyn Village. Given that it is craftable using relatively common crafting components, it can be quite a useful weapon, given its reasonable power.

Despite that, even the Double Knocker will eventually become outclassed when dealing with high-damage weapons such as Axes, Cleavers, and Flaming Lead Pipes and therefore, the player should look for an upgrade if possible.

Crafting Edit

The following crafting components are required to craft the Double Knocker:

  • 1x Branch
  • 2x Rock
  • 2x Duct Tape
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