Dottie is a dancer who only appears in the Lightbearer DLC, she is found dancing on stage in the pub with Morrie Memento playing the piano behind her.

Not much is known about Dottie, from the few bits of dialog about her it is said that she is a bit more dim compared to her twin sister, Dodo. She is also not musically inclined, as stated by Morrie, this is also shown with her dance not fitting very well with the music he's playing.

She is also a huge fan of Nick Lightbearer, though she won't react to anything around her and will only continue to dance. Attacking her with the guitar does nothing either.

Appearance Edit

Dottie looks very similar to that of her twin sister Dodo, with the only difference between the two being the color of their clothes, such as her hairband being white instead of red, the red and white part of their dresses flip side and her heels are red instead of white. Dottie's hair is also flipped, with her hairband on her right and Dodo's hairband on her left.


  • Both Dottie and Dodo are variations of the name Dorothea.
  • The suite she stays in, Shangri-La, is an imaginary paradise or utopia. This would keep in theme with The Avalon Hotel naming their suites after beautiful and/or wonderful, albeit imaginary, places.
    • Alternatively it could also be a reference to the 1960's music group "The Shangri-Las", alongside many other songs with a similar name to Shangri-La.
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