Dodo is a dancer who only appears in the Lightbearer DLC, she is found in the Shangri-La suite.

Dodo claims that she is the smart one out of her and her twin sister, Dottie. Nick confuses her as Dottie at first before she corrects him. She, just like her twin sister, is a huge fan of Nick Lightbearer.

Appearance Edit

Dodo looks very similar to that of her twin sister Dottie, with the only difference between the two being the color of their clothes, such as her hairband being red instead of white, the red and white part of their dresses flip side and her heels being white instead of red. Dodo's hair is also flipped, with her hairband on her left and Dotties hairband on her right.

Lightbearer DLC Edit

Dodo isn't interested in giving Nick the piano tuner that he is searching for, as she is only interested in wanting to "tame" Nick for being nothing but trouble. This eventually leads to her starting a fight with Nick alongside other Lightbearer fans.

It is possible that Dodo and Dottie aren't actual dancers, but rather dancers who provide erotic entertainment, it is also very likely that they also do work at the Reform Club. Morrie even refers to her as a Trollop, though it is possble to only be an insult and not a comment on her career.


  • Her surname is never revealed.
  • Both Dottie and Dodo are variations of the name Dorothea.
  • The suite she stays in, Shangri-La, is an imaginary paradise or utopia. This would keep in theme with The Avalon Hotel naming their suites after beautiful and/or wonderful, albeit imaginary, places.
    • Alternatively it could also be a reference to the 1960's music group "The Shangri-Las", alongside many other songs with a similar name to Shangri-La.
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