"Well, you can't say Dr. Hughes doesn't have sense of style." - Sally Boyle

Doctor Hughes, is a doctor in Wellington Welles whose house is used as one of the Doctor's bases of operations. He apparently has a history with Sally Boyle as Sally said he told lies about her after school. Doctor Hughes' house is an example of how badly things really are, as the windows are bard up, the place is surrounded with rubbish bags, clogged up toilets, broken fences, and broken equipment.

Act II Edit

Sally while trying to get the mercury amalgam, discovers from Harry Cavendish that an experiment that went wrong due to Hughes incompetence caused him to be partly blinded as well as having his hair turned white, and Hughes framed him for the accident.

Sally in hopes to make it up to Harry for leaving the labs as well as getting the mercury amalgam breaks into Hughes' house to get his bag which contains notes which prove the accident is his fault.

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