Dig Spot

The Dig Spot Icon.

A Dig Spot is a pile of dirt randomly spawned around Wellington Wells which, if excavated, will unearth a buried chest with random loot in it.

A Dig Spot will only spawn once its related note has been found by the player, at which point, the dig spot's location will be revealed on the character's map as an icon consisting of a shovelhead inside a yellow circle.

Dig Spot Notes Edit

Notes for dig spots are most often found on top of surfaces or inside containers like chests and crates. Sometimes notes can also be obtained as part of a quest reward.

Players will need a Shovel to interact with the spot, and the pile will have to be dug three times before the player can interact with the chest.


Trivia Edit

  • It is highly likely that Cap'n Strawbeard created the dig spots by burying his "treasure" across Wellington Wells during his time as a sea captain.
    • The stated evidence for this is that searching through all the treasure chests in Cap'n Strawbeard's apartment will grant the player a total of 10 dig spot notes, far more than from any other location, which suggests that both the dig spots and notes were originally made by him.
    • Some dig spots, however, have been buried by specified Wellies or Wastrels, such is the case for Anne Askew and Dottie Lloyd-Ramsay.
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