July 4, 1932
Dear Diary,
Daddy says Mummy has been very wicked and has to be punished. He says India leaving the Empire would be like a child disowning her father. That is a very wicked thing indeed.

                         July 5, 1932
Dear Diary,
I wonder what England will be like? I hear it gets very cold there, though it isn't in the mountains. Maybe I'll get a new jumper? I hope it's red.

                         July 6, 1932
Dear Diary,
Got a letter from Mummy today and I feel all muddled. Lady Derby didn't have much to say, but at least we jumped over a few fences together.

                         July 7, 1932
Dear Diary,
Daddy and Grandfather have been arguing. I tried to listen in, but when I got to the keyhole, they started speaking Hindi. Perhaps I should have learned after all.

                         July 8, 1932
Dear Diary,
Daddy never intended to take me back to England! He said to Grandfather that it was "awkward" politically to have a daughter whose mother is an imprisoned revolutionary. But Grandfather doesn't want an English girl giving other girls in his palace Ideas. He blames the English education for what Mummy did. Nanny says once India is independent it will be dangerous for me, because Father is an English General. Is there no place in the world where I fit in?

                         July 9, 1932
Dear Diary,
Daddy says he will take me to England after all. But I must be good and more English than the English, whatever that means. If anyone there asks about Mummy, I'm to say she was a "princess" but not say of where, as if no one will guess. He insinuated I should say she is dead, though he refused to be clear. Would she bear a grudge if I said that? She wouldn't know the people I would say it to. I must improve my knowledge of English place names. I do wish they would spell them the way they're said. If you read the name of a place in India, you can say it right away, but why is Worcestershire pronounced "wuster"

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