Was this a mistake? It seemed so clever to disappear first, rather than trying to brazen my way across the bridge. After enough Joy, they'd forget they'd ever known a Prudence Holmes. Beastly Clive would take my office, and they'd forget anyone else was ever in it.

But now that I'm here, I wonder. Should I have put my trust in Mr. Kite? And where are his bloody instructions? "In the abandoned house," yes, but WHICH abandoned house??? They're all abandoned!

And how to deal with all these wastrels? My God, they look like something out of Dante. We'd chase someone out whenever they wouldn't take their Joy, but we never really thought about where they went.
I knew we chased them out when Joy made them sick, but I didn't know it was HERE, to starve and weep and remember. I assumed they were sent to a sanitorium -- a decent hospital. But I suppose that's what I WANTED to believe. We are all complicit. We know without knowing, and don't want to remember, so we don't.

My God, I can't wait to get to the mainland.

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