Desks are work tables that contain various kinds of valuable items in We Happy Few. Some desks require a lockpick to be opened.

Variations Edit

There are four kinds of desks found throughout Wellington Wells.

Hamlyn Village Edit

Two kinds of desks can be found inside of Wellie's homes. One that is entirely white apart from seven red wooden drawers, and the other is entirely wooden but with a dark green surface.

Facilities Edit

One kind of desk can be found inside of facilities, such as the Wellington Wells Constabulary and The Hamlyn "O" Courant Newspaper Office. These desks are all modelled the same but have different colors, the colors come in yellow, red and white.

Garden District Edit

One kind of desk is found throughout the Garden District, though they only appear in special locations such as The Train Station and Shelters. These desks are entirely wooden like the ones in Hamlyn Village, though they are more worn out and dirty.

Loot Edit

Note that some items can be found on top of desks as well.

Gallery Edit

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