Dear Jack:

Forgive a total stranger writing you, but I feel after all these years as if I know you better than I know many of the people in my family. To me you're no longer “Uncle Jack,” you're Jack. I can see that you’re a good and kind man, full of love and laughter.

But Jack, I can tell that you are not fulfilled. Lately, has there been an edge in your voice?

 As if you know something is missing?

Jack, I can tell that you are alone in this world. It's not fair that you, who have done so much to make us all feel less lonely, should have no girl who loves you best of all.

Jack, I know this is terribly forward, but want to be that girl. I know I could make you personally happy. Please write back, and let me know if you could let me prove it to you.

You deserve all the good things.

 I love you,

 Fiona Slaymaker

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