Dear Mrs. Brown

We of the Ladies Village Improvement Society would like to thank you for the many years you have done such a superb job contributing to the loveliness of our dear village of Hamlyn. Although you live on your own, as so many of us do these days, the figures you have painted in your windows have given so many of us a feeling of neighborly comfort. It is good to feel watched over, even if the watchers are not necessarily three dimensional!

However, in the past little while, we regret to say, we have noticed that your windows are beginning to deteriorate a bit. No doubt you have been terribly busy; we all have so many things to do. But it rather spoils the effect when the paint begins to flake; it no longer "trompes" the "l'oiel" if you will. In particular, the adorable grandmother in the second story window to the right has lost parts of her jaw, and looks a bit monstrous.

I am sure this is not intentional. Indeed, who looks at her own house? And on Joy one tends not to notice uncomfortable little details.

But some of us have begun to notice it, and to question why you have not seen to it. Surely you are not a secret Downer! they say.

Of course you are not a Downer! And we are positive you'll show them they're wrong, by fixing up your house once again, in your own inimitable style.

All the best,

Helen Burtenshaw
Ladies' Village Improvement Society

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