Davy Hackney is a famous fashion designer in Wellington Wells. He runs the Clayton Center of Art & Design in the Parade District, where the last hatch can be found in the basement.

In a note directed towards Davy, it's implied that he slept with the receptionist, Priss Mackenzie, while in a relationship with another woman.

Appearance Edit

Davy Hackney is a man of average height and build, he wears a stylish pink coat with white frills and black buttons, bright yellow trousers and black shoes.

He also wears large round glasses, it's possible that his blonde hair is dyed, judging by how bright it is.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur Hastings enters the fashion institute to find the hatch, he overhears Davy complaining one of his model cancelled on him. The receptionist volunteers to fill in, but Davy turns her down, stating "Tits ruin the drape".

After meeting Arthur he assumes he's the new model he ordered. After doing the catwalk, Davy gives him the keys to the Photo Room where the last hatch can be found.

Act Three Edit

Ollie Starkey enters the Photo Room via the Motilene tunnels from the Uncle Jack Fan Club. The building is overrun with plague wastrels (due to Arthur opening the quarantine gates in Act l).

Davy's corpse can be found during his trip to Apple Holm.

Trivia Edit

  • Sally Boyle used to be a model for Davy Hackney, a framed cover shot of her in So Mod Magazine in her house. She is wearing baggy clothing, implying she was pregnant with Gwen during that time. Having to hide her pregnancy from the public to avoid getting killed.
  • Davy doesn't allow admittance unless you have treats or is a friend of Sally Boyle.
  • He is shown in multiple occasions to be abusive towards his models, and even his significant others.
  • He is the only male Wellie who has blonde hair.
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