Danny Defoe was an employee at the O Courant, until Arthur caught him stealing his piece. He was later taken by the Headboys and forced to fight in their arenas to survive. He eventually fights Arthur during the quest Conflict Resolution, intending to kill him for ousting him to the Garden District. Arthur can either kill him or knock him out.

Appearance Edit

Danny is a roughed up Downer with a torn suit and green bowtie, with messy black hair and bright blue eyes. Arthur comments on how he has lost a bit of weight since the last time he saw him.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a reference to English trader and writer Daniel Defoe, who is known to have written the Robinson Crusoe novels.
  • He is the character that the player learns to fight, block and push.
  • Danny's last name, Defoe, is likely referring to the fact that he is the enemy, or the foe, one learns the fighting system from.

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