Cutty's Shop (Formerly known as Cutty's and Sons) is the local butchers shop found both in St. George's Holm and Maidenholm, depending on which Act the player is in. It is owned and run by Reg Cutty, with Edmund Macmillan as the delivery boy.


Do note that sometimes the shop doesn't have anything to sell.




  • The poster on the far left shows the parts of a cow, it is unknown if the amount of pieces on the poster is randomized on each playthrough.
  • The shop has been running since 1912.
  • Despite being arrested by the bobbies (if Arthur decides to go through the side quests), his shop is fully functional in the other two Acts.
  • In the newspapers that the player and other NPCs read, a section of the bottom paper reads "Reg Cutty Meats "Always the Freshest!" purveyors of fine meat and meat products. Try our new meat cakes!"
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