This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found on the same table in which the player first picks up the Curious Device.

Transcript Edit

February 2, 1962

Some of the rooms have got so noisy with all the construction. Especially the spare parts room. I wonder how the robots can communicate with each other over all that racket!

March 21, 1962

When the environment is too loud, it seems my robots use ionization waves to communicate! Brilliant!

I'm going to make a device that throws ionization waves directionally. Then I can tell the robots where I want things put.

April 20, 1962

Too much fuss to translate English into ionization waves. But I have made a simple device hat throws directional ionization waves. It's basically a robot voice box I cannibalized with an enclosed parabolic disk. Now I'm just putting switches on everything I want to move around! Well, not everything -- each switch means I need to pop the ionization sensor out of a robots head, and I don't have an unlimited supply! Yet.

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