Cult of Jack is a quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in the Garden District, Arthur has to steal from three chests located in the three houses.


In-Game Description Edit

Wow, they really love Uncle Jack. So much so they created their own version. I should check it out. Better do as the Romans do, or they'll find out I'm a fake fan.

I remember that show, vaguely. How did he manage to memorize it all, just from hearing it once? He must have a truly impressive memory.

They've got quite a lovely compound here. Perhaps they should share the wealth.

Power the tv to distract the uncle jack fans temporay


The location of the Uncle Jack Cult is indicated by the three houses kept in close proximity to each other, signs around the walls display the entrance.

As Arthur enters the cult, the entire area will be empty as they are all watching the Uncle Jack impersionist's show, meaning the player can already go and rob two of the three houses without getting any fuss.

Once Arthur enters the house where the show is being held by the fake Uncle Jack, they will poorly recite a show from Uncle Jack all about the vitamin C's. When this is done, all the wastrels will leave the house and the fake Uncle Jack will stay, since he's alone, Arthur can easily choke him out and then retrieve the loot from the last chest. Completing the quest.

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Trivia Edit

  • The wastrel who plays Uncle Jack used to wear a broken Happy Face Mask in previous builds, he doesn't do that anymore.
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