Cub Reporter is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. This quest is unlocked when Arthur investigates Gemma Olsen's desk, deciding to visit her house to get more information from her investigation.


  • Find Gemma Olsen's House
  • Why is the Alarm Sounding?
  • Kill the Alarm
  • Investigate Gemma's Study
  • Get Out!

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The answers don't seem to be at her desk at the O Courant. Maybe she kept more notes at home.

Is someone in her house who's not supposed to be? And it's not me? I better check it out.

I better turn that alarm off before the place is swarming with Bobbies.

If there are answers, I imagine that they'd be in her study.

I think I have overstayed my welcome. And I've learned as much as I'm going to. I better get away before I have an awkward conversation with a doctor.


Gemma's house cannot be found on the map itself, the player has to either go by the quest navigator or the loud alarm coming from her house.

When Arthur attempts to get in through the back, he will get run over by a robber who disappears as fast as he appears. He gets in through the back door and enters the kitchen area, muddy footprints can be found on the floor leading to the front door.

By the front door Arthur finds Buster Edwards shouting at Gordo upstairs to kill the alarm before he gets hurt, Arthur deduces that he will have to sneak past Buster if he wants to kill the alarm, though before he can even do that in the first place, Buster turns around and sees Arthur. After a bit of taunting, Buster runs up the stairs to his right before getting unconscious of electric shock thanks to the spankers installed on the roof.

Arthur can gather a shortspike by the front door in case he doesn't have one on him already, as a shortspike will be needed for him to kill the alarm.

The control box to the alarm system will be in the room next to Gemma's bedroom, once that's done with, Arthur walks out of the bedroom to find Gemma shouting outside. By peering through the window, Arthur sees Gemma getting carried away somewhere by two Joy Doctors.

When Arthur goes back downstairs he will see two other Doctors in the living room attempting to find things talking about Dr. Verloc whilst Arthur makes his way into her study. Inside her study is more evidence regarding about Verloc looking for a "Permanent Solution".

After getting out of the house by the vent in the study, Arthur ends up in Gemma's greenhouse. After opening the door and getting out of there he will get attacked by a bobby, presumably cause of the robbery that happened earlier. The quest finishes after this.

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