Criers is a special type of Wellie who are only found in Hamlyn Village.


Criers are old short women who wears glasses, white cotton cardigans, stylish hats with flowers ontop and flower patternend dresses of varying colours. As their description suggests, if they witness the player acting rowdy they will scream to alert nearby Bobbies and Wellies.

Unlike Wellies, Criers can't attack or defend themselves.

Special Criers Edit

Mrs Sackville, who is encountered in the "Lilies of the Field" quest and has a garden where she grows Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions.

Mrs Pankhurst who runs a shop called A Stitch in Time, specific to Sally's Act as she is unable to craft any clothes on her own.

Madame Wanda, the owner of the Reform Club.

Five Criers who reside in the Thomasina House, all of which display a strong desire for Bobbies and Ollie.

Two Criers are implied to be the mothers of Mrs Chaney and Prudence Holmes.

Mrs. Stokes, a removed Crier found hanging from a noose at the beginning underground tunnels during We Happy Few's earlier builds.

During the Lightbearer DLC, the criers take the role of the staff maids, cleaning up whatever mess Nick or the fans had done.

Loot Edit



  • In older versions of the game, the player could give bouquets to Criers to dissuade them. This is no longer possible.
  • In an earlier version of the game, a red variant of Madame Wanda could be found, as of the final release of the game she is no longer red. The red variant does not exist anymore either.
  • In the launch trailer of the game, a crier attacks Arthur with a Rolling Pin, despite them never attacking the player in the actual game.
  • Criers have a unique animation for a takedown, where the player turns them around and puts their hand over the Crier’s mouth, causing them to pass out.
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