Crazy Legs is a side quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in Eel Pie Holm as Arthur approaches a make shift start sign, Eric Liddell will start to run in the direction of where the Start is pointed as soon as the quest begins.

Objectives Edit

  • Stop the runner

In-Game Description Edit

My God, it's Eric Liddell. I'm never going to chase him down. He won every track meet he ever went to. You could equip a pub with all the brass cups he won.

Still, I don't remember him being able to run forever. Where does he get his stamina? Doesn't seem natural that anyone could go that fast that long.

I should have a chat with him. I hope I don't have to get physical with him.


The quest is only available during the day.

Arthur has to punch Eric to get him to stop running, though they can also kill him if they so please, his location is indicated both by the quest tracker as well as his bell.

To catch up to him, the player can approach him the the start line towards him and punch him right then and there, or they can wait in a spot nearby them and wait for them to approach Arthur. Eric is incredibly fast, so the player will have to time their attack accordingly.

If he gets stopped alive, a cutscene will play in which Eric recognizes Arthur and gives him his secret recipe for Phlash, genuinely distraught that he has turned into "one of those".

Collectibles Edit

Items that the player will gather Edit

Bugs Edit

As Eric gets further away from Arthur, his indication icon may be stuck by a road, but be gone when Arthur approaches that same road.

if Arthur punches Liddell, the character camera will snap harshly to the front of Eric.

Trivia Edit

  • Arthur used to get the recipe for Sick Up Tea as well as 9 skill points in earlier versions of the game.
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