Crates are red wooden containers scattered throughout Wellington Wells. They are commonly found in the Garden District, though sometimes they also appear in Hamlyn Village and inside of Safe Houses.

Much like chests, crates contain valueables. Though unlike chests, crates are never dug up from the ground and doesn't require a lockpick to be opened, however they do need a jimmy bar to be opened.

Locations Edit

At the very beginning of Act I, a crate can be found inside of the abandoned house closest to the Garden District Rules sign.

In Mrs. Chaney's House as well as Sally's old home, there are three crates in the boiler room.

There's at least one crate in every Safe House and Wastrel's House.

There is at least one crate inside of the Cellars, with the exception of Root Cellars.

Loot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are some crates that will look as if they're interactable, but aren't.
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