The Crash Syringe is a weapon that can be found in We Happy Few. It will instantly flush Joy from an NPC's body, it cannot be used on the player.


The syringe can only be injected into Wellies, Bobbies, and Doctors.

If the player gets behind an NPC with the syringe shown in their quick slot, an "Inject" option will appear in place of the "Knock Out" option.

The player will stab the target's neck with the syring and yell "Downer, He's/She's a Downer!" to alert other people of what is going on. The target will begin crying too, making it really appear as if they are a Downer.

If someone notices the act being commited, they'll instead go after the player.



  • 'Crashing' is another word referring to the phase of withdrawal from a psychoactive stimulant.


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