Constable Hickingbotham passed out on the couch at the Reform Club.

Constable Hickingbotham is a bobby who regularly visits the Reform Club.

During the quest, The English Vice, Arthur has to steal Hickingbotham's credentials so that he can get to Lud's Holm and get Dr. Faraday to fix the bridge to St. George.

Associated NotesEdit

Very Sorry

Trivia Edit

  • The note reveals that when Madame Wanda sang "London Bridge Is Falling Down" during one of their sessions, it reminded him of the "Very Bad Thing". This means that the Blackberry may be failing on the constables just as much as the other flavours are to the Wellies.
  • Hickingbotham is said to be engaged with Constable Haydon's sister.
  • Since October 2018, Constable Hickimbotham cannot be found passed out on the couch at the Reform Club, it is unknown as to why the developers decided to remove him.
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