Constable Feyden is the police guard to the post allowing people from St George's Cross to Lud's Holm. The reason for the high security than to the others was the security measures to ensure Dr Faraday remained there. And due to Lud's Holm being infested with the infamous plague weastrals the only way to keep the doctor was isolating her. 

Events of We Happy FewEdit

Act OneEdit

Arthur comes across Feyden wishing to gain access to the bridge. When Feyden asked where Constable Hickinbotham was. Arhur replied he was at the Reform Club, Feyden took offense as Hickinbotham was due to marry Feyden's sister. When Feyden asked for his credentals, Arhur showd them it. Feyden was completely unaware these were Hickinbotham's credentials that Arthur nicked from. 

Seeing that everything was in order Feyden let Arhur through though warned of the dangers that lurked in Lud's Holm.

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