Constable Burne-Jones is a Bobby in the Lightbearer DLC, it is possible for a randomly generated bobby to have the same surname, though they shouldn't be confused with Burne-Jones in the DLC.

"Come on now. I didn't mean it. You don't sound nothing like me mum."
— Constable Burne-Jones
Nick , disguised as a bellboy, first meets Burne-Jones knocking at the Manager's door, unaware that Murray is by the reception desk.

Trivia Edit

  • When hovering the cursor over the constable, he's simply reffered to as "Burnsy".
  • He seems to be in a relationship with the manager of The Avalon Hotel, judging by the Love Letter Nick finds in his bag.
    • There is also a "Tunnel of Love" that connects their rooms.
  • Inside of his suite, there is a radio that will play an instrumental version of "Into The Night" if turned on.
  • The in-game dialogue refers to him as Turner, though the credits refer to him as Burne-Jones, the nickname Burnsy could be a simplification of his forename, or surname.

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