Constable Bevan is the duty officer of the Wellington Wells Constabulary in Hamlyn Village. Bevan is seen at the reception with another unnamed bobby next to him.

Act One: Edit

Arthur Hastings goes to the Constabulary to ask for the location of Dr Faraday. Constable Bevan explains that the information is not for public consumption. The bobby next to him pipes up saying he can tell him where to find Bobby Hickinbotham. Bevan is annoyed about Bobby being at the Reform Club getting his arse spanked. Arthur using his former position within the Department of Archives, Printing & Recycling convinces them he has orders from Victoria Byng on the bridge maintenance that are overdue. He threatens if he has tell her of this "apparently deliberate festinece", he'll tell the last person he spoke to was him. Bevan lets Arthur take to elevator to the right corridor to the record archives. After Arthur thanks him, he asks the bobby next to him "what the hell does festinece means?".

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