The Hooligan Bunker, designed by Emmanuel Lauzon.

Conflict Resolution is a quest in the Story Mode of We Happy Few. It takes place during the quest Rorke's Drift Bridge. In this quest players will learn the basics of combat to defeat Danny Defoe.


  • Block Danny's hits 0/3
  • Shove Danny 0/2
  • Beat Danny
  • (Optional) Throw Danny on someone fighting you
  • Take the Elevator

In-Game Description Edit

I have to learn how to block his swings, or this is going to hurt quite a lot.

If I give him a good hard proper shove, I can get him on the ground.

I'm going to have to convince him to lie down. And stay down. And here I always thought violence was the "last refuge of the incompetent."

And stay down, you plagiarizing hack!

I bet I could pick up and throw Danny at whoever I'm fighting next. Might throw them off their guard.

They said I'm free to go. Really? That sounds promising. And ... Well, unlikely.


Arthur is forced to enter a battle against Danny Defoe, Celestia Worrall and Sandy Fothergill. After surviving them all, Arthur is free to go and collect the medals for David Livingstone.

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