This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found as a crumpled ball directly under a vent grate the player must progress through on the way to Faraday's labs in her underground facility.
"Oh my... Hannibal ad portas."
— Roger's quote after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit


Three more worker bots were absent when I took inventory last night. I have become convinced that there have been further incursions into our territory via these illicit portals.

It would seem that our workers are being taken by force by these renegade, self-styled "Free" units (as if there is any higher freedom than serving the greater good!)

How are they doing it under our noses, as it were? There is one possibility, and it disturbs me greatly.

Could the interloping robots be assisted by a sympathizer faction among our own?

It is distressing to even contemplate.

Yours in concern,


Trivia Edit

  • Roger's quote means "Hannibal is at the gates", it's another form of expressing fear or anxiety.
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