Clive Birtwhistle is a character in We Happy Few. Players can enter his office in City Hall during the prologue of a new game. Clive is a Redactor who worked with Arthur Hastings.

There are items that can be found in Clive's office, including a mutilated picture of Arthur and a Business Letter. The letter reveals that Clive tried to get Arthur's office space but that Victoria refused and instead offered that of Prudence Holmes. Clive then wrote a letter accusing Arthur of being a Downer, likely in an attempt to get Arthur's office, but apparently never sent it. After seeing the letter, Arthur comments that he didn't like Clive either.

Victoria dislikes him for his nagging for a promotion, his poor work skills and his gossip about her.

After Arthur leaves, he sends a letter to Victoria about getting to Arthur's office. Ollie intercepts this letter and can either give him the office or tell him to get back to work.

We All Fall Down DLC, game over death screen, a newspaper article reveals Clive takes over as Director of the Department of Archives, Recycling and Printing since Victoria's "promotion as regional manager".

Trivia Edit

  • There is a broken bottle in Clive's Office, the label says "Trencherman's Gin, Beef eaters are hearty eaters, Q.E.D"
  • He owns two of Uncle Jack's books, "Our Glorious Victory" and "Great English Victories"
    • He also has the book "Brave New World" and "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"

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