To Whomsoever Opens This Missive

Dear fellow Wellingtonian --

-- for are we not all fellow citizens of Wellington Wells?

Good news! God has not forsaken us. He is still with us, even admist the rubble of these waste lands.

Do not take our present suffering as a sign of His abandonment! For He tested His only Son even to His mortal limit. Like job, let us never lose faith.

For there are those who turn aside from His love, who have given their faith to witchcraft, or the most outlandish of vegetable idols, or even demons of unspeakable shape!

Do not succumb to these delusions! Where there is faith, there is redemption. And if you have lost hope in this life, then all the more you should prepare yourself for the next.

Let us gather, Sunday at noon, on the bridge of Lud's Holm, and make ourself a congregation.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Charles Peters
Formely of St. George's Church

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