Regular chest.

Chests are treasure boxes that are stashed with items throughout Wellington Wells.

Variants Edit

There are two kinds of chests, one that is rectangular and made out of leather, and one that is wooden and half rounded at the top. The latter is more rare than the first, but acts the same way.


Pirate chest.

Locations Edit

Some chests can be found in the open while others are buried, dig spot notes show the location of where they are buried, the dig spot won't spawn unless the player has collected a dig spot note. Players can use a shovel to dig them up, some of the chests require a lockpick to open them.

Chests can be found inside of Wastrel's houses, Safe Houses and Cellars. Chests can also be found in special areas throughout the game, albeit well hidden.

Loot (TBA) Edit

The amount of loot in each chest is randomized every time.

Gallery Edit

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