Charles Peter is a former Wellie priest that after being chased out into the Garden District, has started taking his own "judging" upon "sinners" by throwing rocks at them.

Act One: Edit

Arthur Hastings comes past him on a hill, deciding to put a stop to it. Reaching the top of the platform Charles rings the bell before running away. Wastrels followers start attacking him. After killing all of them, Arthur can loot the chest.

Act Three: Edit

Ollie Starkey comes past him in Lud's Holm, he first decides on hurting him. But Margaret tells him not to and seek forgiveness for his past actions. Sneaking up from behind on the ramp, Ollie can decide either to kill or incapacitate him in "forgiveness".

Trivia: Edit

  • A letter from him can be found in a mailbox in the Garden District, telling other Downers to follow him and not any cults like witchcraft and Yam worshippers.
  • Arthur mentions that he we an alcoholic, stating people couldn't get him out of the pub without a crowbar.
  • Ollie claims he's murdered people in the past.
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