The following lists every character in We Happy Few.

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All NPCs found in the Garden District, Hamlyn Village and Parade District are randomly generated on each playthrough.

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Other Edit

  • Alice Liddel (Supervisor at Haworth Laboratories)
  • Anthony Sweet (Advertised in the news for repairing vents)
  • Beatrix Reeve (A Bird in the Hand)
  • Charles Hutton-Lyell (Discovered seismology, claiming that Hamlyn Village is placed in an area of unusual seismic activity.)
  • Colonel Von Stauffenberg (A German military officer from the Wehrmacht and a former head of the Executive Committee)
  • Diana (One of Davy Hackneys ex-lovers.)
  • E.D. Gibbon (Hamlyn Amateur Historian mentioned in the newspaper)
  • Eleanor Porter (Guest Editor alongside Uncle Jack in the newspaper)
  • Mrs. Dainty (Old Lady who has lost her cat, Sebastian, she lives at the Thomasina House)
  • Nigel Brasenose (President of the Wellington Wells Classics Society, translates all Uncle Jack transcripts into Latin.)
  • Royston Luckinbill (A police inspector mentioned in earlier builds, made a return in the Lightbearer DLC, mentioned by Uncle Jack on the radio.)
  • Sergeant Sargent (Works at the Wellington Wells Constabulary HQ.)

The Hamlyn "O" Courant Edit

  • Ann Fisher
  • Charles Dogson
  • Clive Hamilton
  • Currer Bell
  • James Greenwood
  • Jane Gardiner
  • John Hart
  • Mary Ann Evans
  • Mary Westmacott
  • Thomas Dilworth

List of Names and Dates Edit

  • John Aleister
  • Geoffrey Alexander
  • Michael Altringham
  • Anthony Belpit
  • Peter Belpit
  • Anne Boyle
  • Elizabeth Boyle
  • Maureen Brimble
  • Richard Brownsword
  • John Burke
  • Elizabeth Burne-Jones
  • Pamela Cammish
  • Anne Coke
  • Tom Constable
  • Sheila Crowley
  • David Crutchley
  • Gillian Dainty
  • Sebastian Dainty
  • Pauline Dainty
  • Sylvia Dermot
  • Barbara Dicks
  • Wendy Drabble
  • Sandra Felix
  • Kathleen Fitz-Lloyd
  • Margaret Gibson
  • Florence Gilbert
  • Eileen Hancock
  • Sandra Hancock
  • Sylvia Hancock
  • Margaret Hawkes
  • Mary Hawkes
  • Roger Hawkes
  • Charles Hawtrey
  • Valerie Hockney
  • Margaret Luckinbill I
  • Anne March
  • Alan Munt
  • Patrick Munt
  • Colin Petcher
  • Brian Pye
  • Susan Pye
  • Brian Rooper
  • Carol Slaymaker
  • Raymond Slaymaker
  • Kenneth Spooner
  • Jean Swern
  • Barry Waddingham
  • Elizabeth Waddingham

Reform Club Edit

  • Peter Allgood
  • Theresa Berkley
  • Clarissa Butter
  • Sir Francis Dashwood
  • George Doddington
  • Francis Duffield
  • Mary (Lady) Montague
  • Fanny Murray
  • Thomas D. Quincey
  • George Selwyn
  • W.R (P.C. Sickert!)
  • Vanessa Tinker-Bell
  • Robert Vansittart
  • Dr. Verloc (DON'T call him Anton!)
  • Juliet Ward
  • Justine Ward
  • Paul Whitehead
  • John Wilkes

Removed Characters Edit

Quest Characters Edit

Mentioned Characters Edit

  • Beatrice Sackville (A memeber of the Executive Committee from earlier builds)
  • Helena Swanwick (Mentioned in the newspaper in older versions of the game, had an award for people who'd find her lost cat Whiskers. Probably changed to Mrs. Dainty later on)
  • John Michael Osbourne (The chief chemist at Haworth Pharmaceutical, only mentioned in the newspaper clipping at the PAX 2016 build)
  • Mr. Faraday/Michael Faraday (Mentioned in the newspapers in older builds, James Maxwell was also mentioned to be his chief assistant)
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