The following lists every character in We Happy Few.

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They Came From Below


We All Fall Down


Background NPCs

All NPCs found in the Garden District, Hamlyn Village and Parade District are randomly generated on each playthrough.

Mentioned Characters



  • Dr. Alexander Gross (The acting head of the Melancholia Studies at the Royal Victoria Hospital)
  • Alfred Southwick (Supervisor of the St Elmo's Electrical Unit)
  • Allen Unwin (Second prize winner of the Scrap Drive)
  • Anthony Sweet (Advertised in the news for repairing vents)
  • Archie Marley (Husband of Mrs. Marley)
  • Charles Hutton-Lyell (Discovered seismology, claiming that Hamlyn Village is placed in an area of unusual seismic activity.)
  • Chris Fox (A wastrel writing to the Executive Committee about the food)
  • Colin Drysdale (A wastrel writing to the Executive Committee about the food)
  • Colonel Von Stauffenberg (A German military officer from the Wehrmacht and a former head of the Executive Committee)
  • Daniel Durglass (A witness of murder mentioned in the Interrogation Report, possibly Foggy Jack)
  • E.D. Gibbon (Hamlyn Amateur Historian mentioned in the newspaper)
  • Elliot Fitz-Lloyd (A wastrel writing to the Executive Committee about the food)
  • Eric Blair (Listed as one of the Wellies not allowed inside the Jack-o-Bean Club)
  • Harrison St. Claire (An exiled Downer, wrote about Uncle Jack's recordings)
  • Jimmy Cardigan (The waste pump supervisor in Ratholm)
  • John Keats (Wrote to Doctor Byron about the Plague)
  • Joseph Lister (The Minister of Health, reference to real world figure)
  • Lance Corp. Straveling (A soldier at Ravensholm)
  • Mr. Faraday/Michael Faraday (Mentioned in the newspapers in older builds, James Maxwell was also mentioned to be his chief assistant. Helen Faraday mentioned him to the player in pre alpha, currently mentioned to have 'gone on holiday' by James Maxwell.)
  • Mr. Cyril McCutcheon (Husband of Mrs. Anne McCutcheon, see Female section)
  • Nigel Brasenose (President of the Wellington Wells Classics Society, translates all Uncle Jack transcripts into Latin.)
  • Ranulph Alderly (One of the four people arrested during the 'Breeder Riot' in 1951)
  • Reginald Snell (Recent downer, unknown whereabouts)
  • Ronald Norrish (Researcher at Haworth Labs)
  • Robin Willoughby (An ex-choir boy for Father McCartney)
  • Royston Luckinbill (A police inspector mentioned in earlier builds, made a return in the Lightbearer DLC, mentioned by Uncle Jack on the radio.)
  • Sergeant Sargent (Works at the Wellington Wells Constabulary HQ.)
  • Tommy Flanders (Supervisor of Unit 9 at the Jubilator Maintenance Station)
  • Tony (A downer attempting to escape Wellington Wells with a girl named Kate)


  • Alice Liddel (Supervisor at Haworth Laboratories)
  • Annie Chapman (A victim of Foggy Jack, reference to real world figure who was killed by Jack The Ripper)
  • Beatrix Reeve (Wrote to Helen Faraday, A Bird in the Hand)
  • Beatrice Reeve (Wrote to Helen Faraday, A Modest Proposal)
  • Beatrice Smythe (Third place winner of the Victory Garden contest in 1945)
  • Betty (Ex-secretary, got sacked after giving Dr. Verloc one of Sally's notes)
  • Camilla Tingle (Neighbor of the Boyle family, made a special recipe from lily bulbs)
  • Camilla Trueblood (Member of the Executive Committee, trapped in the Village because she forgot her transit letter at home.)
  • Catherine Eddowes (A victim of Foggy Jack, reference to real world figure who was killed by Jack The Ripper)
  • Diana (One of Davy Hackneys ex-lovers.)
  • Edie (A girl that Nick Lightbearer had intercourse with eleven times, currently missing)
  • Eleanor Porter (Guest Editor alongside Uncle Jack in the newspaper)
  • Evelyn Middlewood (An exiled Downer, wrote about Uncle Jack's recordings)
  • Fiona Slaymaker (A wellie who wrote to Uncle Jack, hoping to get together with him)
  • Helen Burtenshaw (A member of the Ladies' Village Improvement Society)
  • Henrietta (Accidentally used Almond Gas when baking muffins for a bake sale, is on holiday)
  • Hilary Charkham (An exiled Downer, wrote about Uncle Jack's recordings)
  • Hope Lawrence (Mentioned by Henry Lawrence, his third daughter)
  • Jane Morris (Second place winner of the Victory Garden contest in 1945, reference to real world figure)
  • Kate (A girl that Tony wanted to take with him out of Wellington Wells)
  • Marta (A woman mentioned in Liebchen, possibly Reg Cutty's wife)
  • Mary Jane Kelly (A victim of Foggy Jack, reference to real world figure who was killed by Jack The Ripper)
  • Mary Anne NIchols (A victim of Foggy Jack, reference to real world figure who was killed by Jack The Ripper)
  • Mrs. Anne McCutcheon (The pregnant wife of Mr. Cyril McCutcheon, a survivor of the 'Breeder Riot'. The state of her unborn baby was unknown)
  • Mrs. Brown (An ex-member of the Ladies' Village Improvement Society)
  • Mrs. Dainty (Old Lady who has lost her cat, Sebastian, she lives at the Thomasina House)
  • Mrs. Ernest Bower (Winner of the Victory Garden contest in 1945)
  • Nancy (Ex-makeup artist at the Broadcast Tower, currently working for Davy Hackney)
  • Penelope Snug (Supervisor of the Jubilator Maintenance Station, wrote to Dr. Verloc about Joy problems)
  • Sylvia Hockney (A wellie who got upset with the Downer jokes at church)
  • Tricia Reeve (Mentioned employee of the Department of Archives, Printing & Recycling)
  • List of Suspected Downers



  • Barry Bangs (Record reviewer)
  • Marianne Dashwood (In love with Foggy Jack)
  • Mary Quickly (Propitetor of the Falstaff Pub)
  • PC Shelly (Reporting officer of a murdered man in the arms of Nick's statue)
  • "Topsy" Burne-Jones (Wife of Constable Burne-Jones)

We All Fall Down

  • Anthony Covington (Member of Civic Works)
  • Constable Auden (Held a "control station" in Edmund Cilly's attic)
  • C. Gallant (Office manager)
  • Edmund Cilly
  • Harold Grenold (Produced Spankers)
  • Harold Stulter (Secretary at Haworth Labs, responsible for the worker's riot)
  • Pinky Cox (Member of either the ploughboys or headboys, wanting peace between the two)
  • Ronny (Member of either the ploughboys or headboys)

The Hamlyn "O" Courant

  • Ann Fisher
  • Charles Dogson
  • Clive Hamilton
  • Currer Bell
  • James Greenwood
  • Jane Gardiner
  • John Hart
  • Mary Ann Evans
  • Mary Westmacott
  • Thomas Dilworth

List of Names and Dates

  • John Aleister
  • Geoffrey Alexander
  • Michael Altringham
  • Anthony Belpit
  • Peter Belpit
  • Maureen Brimble
  • Richard Brownsword
  • John Burke
  • Elizabeth Burne-Jones
  • Pamela Cammish
  • Anne Coke
  • Tom Constable
  • Sheila Crowley
  • David Crutchley
  • Gillian Dainty
  • Sebastian Dainty
  • Pauline Dainty
  • Sylvia Dermot
  • Barbara Dicks
  • Wendy Drabble
  • Sandra Felix
  • Kathleen Fitz-Lloyd
  • Margaret Gibson
  • Florence Gilbert
  • Eileen Hancock
  • Sandra Hancock
  • Sylvia Hancock
  • Margaret Hawkes
  • Mary Hawkes
  • Roger Hawkes
  • Charles Hawtrey
  • Valerie Hockney
  • Margaret Luckinbill I
  • Anne March
  • Alan Munt
  • Patrick Munt
  • Colin Petcher
  • Brian Pye
  • Susan Pye
  • Brian Rooper
  • Carol Slaymaker
  • Raymond Slaymaker
  • Kenneth Spooner
  • Jean Swern
  • Barry Waddingham
  • Elizabeth Waddingham

Reform Club

  • Peter Allgood
  • Theresa Berkley
  • Clarissa Butter
  • Sir Francis Dashwood
  • George Doddington
  • Francis Duffield
  • Mary (Lady) Montague
  • Fanny Murray
  • Thomas D. Quincey
  • George Selwyn
  • W.R (P.C. Sickert!)
  • Vanessa Tinker-Bell
  • Robert Vansittart
  • Juliet Ward
  • Justine Ward
  • Paul Whitehead
  • John Wilkes

Removed Characters

Quest Characters

Mentioned Characters

  • Beatrice Sackville (A member of the Executive Committee from earlier builds)
  • Helena Swanwick (Mentioned in the newspaper in older versions of the game, had an award for people who'd find her lost cat Whiskers. Probably changed to Mrs. Dainty later on)
  • John Michael Osbourne (The chief chemist at Haworth Pharmaceutical, only mentioned in the newspaper clipping at the PAX 2016 build)
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