Cap'n Strawbeard is a former sea captain living in Wellington Wells. He is a frequent visitor of The Wicker Man pub and lives in an apartment above it. He wears a brown suit with a white cravat, brown pants, an eyepatch, and a tricorne hat. A rat sits on his shoulder, instead of a parrot.

He is somewhat of a heavy drinker, as a long trail of dropped Scotch bottles (and puddles of spilled alcohol) leads from the pub to his apartment and his apartment contains several empty Glass Bottles. Sally also finds a huge pile of Scotch Bottles strewn across the Ravensholm shelter.

Events of We Happy FewEdit

Act TwoEdit

Sally Boyle needs to find the captain in order to get instructions on how to fix Robert Byng's boat. She heads to The Wicker Man where Cap'n Strawbeard is often seen. The bartender informs him that he is not there and gives her instructions on where to find him. Sally heads to Wednesday's Hill, where she finds Cap'n Strawbeard crying outside the door. He tells her that Eddie has been kidnapped by The Yam Cult and that he himself is too scared to rescue him. Sally steps in and rescues Eddie, thus getting a book on boats from Cap'n Strawbeard in gratitude. Strawbeard then heads to carry Eddie to safety.

Later on, Sally is stopped by Strawbeard who yells at her from his apartment and tells her to come up to his flat. Sally makes her way up to Strawbeard's apartment where the Captain asks her to rescue a stuffed dog called Salty Dog from the Plough Boys. Sally agrees to do so and after liberating the Salty Dog from the Plough Boys, Strawbeard gives her the key to every treasure chest in his apartment. Sally is suspicious as to why the captain is so keen on a stuffed dog and proceeds to cuts the dog open behind Strawbeard's back, revealing the one and only Hope Diamond.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player searches all of the treasure chests found in Cap'n Strawbeard's apartment, they will unlock the locations for 10 different dig spots scattered throughout the map, which contain buried chests with various kinds of loot in them.
    • This is a shout-out to the common pop-culture trope of pirates burying their treasure and it also implies that Cap'n Strawbeard himself created the dig spots found throughout Wellington Wells by burying his treasure throughout the city during his time as a sea captain before settling down in Hamlyn Village.
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