Butterfly is a crafting item in We Happy Few. It is mainly used to craft Pheremone, which in turn can be used to craft various other drugsSally is the only character who can get butterflies through story mode, though the player can get butterflies as any other character if they play Survival Mode .

Butterflies are first found inside of The Train Station in the Garden District, once the player has found all 10 butterflies in the area they can then find butterflies everywhere else in the world, butterflies tend to be found flying around unobtainable Foxglove flowers.


  • The red butterflies take a resemblance of a Noble Leafwing, Red Kuranda Butterfly, Cymothoe Sangaris and a Scarlet Peacock, four real life butterflies.
  • Strangely, once the player obtains a butterfly it turns blue, bearing a striking resemblance to a blue version of the Monarch butterfly.


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