To any surviving agents of the Special Operations Executive:

This secret report is to be treated with the UTMOST care and security. (Unfortunately, I have misplaced my one-time pad, so I wasn’t able to properly encode it.)

UNDERLORD continues apace. I have set a trap for the “TIGERS."

And most extra-special-importantly, I have secured the documents necessary to complete phase four of the operation, which I am dubbing BURNING BRIGHT.

It is only a matter of time now before we bring the whole wretched system down, along with its most menacing... maniacs.

If I am to be captured while bravely performing my duty, the BURNING BRIGHT plans are under SPECIAL GUARD by my personal security detail at the usual safe house.

-Special Agent JB

PS: Please burn after reading, and then eat the ashes. We cannot take any risks.

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