The Broadcast Tower is a radio tower and city hall for the Executive Committee in the Parade District, connected above Apple Holm station.

History (TBA)

The WWBC (Wellington Wells Broadcasting Corporations) are responsible for spreading Joy propaganda throughout Wellington Wells, using Uncle Jack's image to serve as spokesman.

The Broadcast Tower was presumably built some time after the production of Joy, 1953. The Executive Committee moves into the building alongside building the Motilene Mines underneath the old train station. They began recording Uncle Jack's shows in this building and made him the face of Wellington Wells.

Sometime during 1964, Uncle Jack consumed some of the bad batches of Joy and became a Downer, smashing the cameras and presumably everyone else in the room before escaping. This forces the Executive Committee to rerun his previous shows in order to make it seem as if nothing has happened at all, this doesn't work so well as many Wastrels and Wellies alike began to notice that the show were repeating, to which the Executive Committee issued that Uncle Jack simply had caught a cold and will begin recording new shows as soon as possible.

Eventually, the Exective Committee gets just as unstable as everyone else on the streets, having one of the employees dread the responsability each day. Though this doesn't work as well either as the one who is in charge still consumes a Joy pill. Even though they are well aware of the Joy and food shortage all over Wellington Wells.

It is up to Ollie Starkey to broadcast the last tape of Uncle Jack's show and warn everybody in the Village about the end of their time.


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