Britannia Bridge is the only railway bridge connecting Wellington Wells from the mainland Britain. Trades from across the bridge for food have ceased, since all they can trade is cloth in return. The bridge is guarded by constables, making sure no one skips town.

It was caved off after Arthur Hastings turned on the mining drill, causing a mining collapse. Closing off any escape from Wellington Wells. The warning signs indicate that anyone caught trying to skip town ("Skippers" being the constables' nickname for such), would have their belongings seized(if any) and they would be brought before Anton Verloc to await punishment.

Act One Edit

Arthur Hastings narrowly escapes the mine shaft as it collapses to the Britannia Bridge. There he comes to realisation that he's been using Percy as an excuse, because he wasn't strong willed enough to escape for himself.

Arthur encounters Constable Peters, the same bobby from his memories. Seeing his face without the mask, he remembers fully that he tricked the same constable using Percy's ID to get off the train. While Percy took the fall. Arthur collapses under the guilt of betraying his brother, but Peters comforts him reminding that remembering is considered a gift. He escorts him across the Britannia Bridge.

Epilogue Edit

Arthur and Peters walk across the bridge, Arthur laments on how heinous a person he is. The constable tells him that some people are better than others to handle the truth. He then gives Arthur the choice of forgetting everything by a Oblivion Pill or to remember. If Arthur chooses to remember, he finishes his journey across the Britannia Bridge to the mainland.

If Arthur chooses to forget, he returns to Wellington Wells and is last seen riding on a pink toy bike in one of the parks.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the bridge Britannia, is the name for a National personification of the United Kingdom. It is also what the Romans referred to the country after conquering Britain in 43 A.D. The Romans left Britain in 410 A.D.
  • Britannia Bridge is based off a bridge of the same name in Anglesey, North Wales. Connecting across Menai Strait between mainland of Wales.
  • Two other constables are overheard talking about plans for their Christmas holidays. One planning to go to Spain, mentioning all the delicious holiday foods. The other asks him if they'll ever get out. He berates him saying he spoiled their illusion.
  • The final memory for Arthur can be found behind a train cart.
  • Someone named Charlie Woodcock attempted to escape Wellington Wells but was killed. A sign with his name under the words RIP can be found.

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