Britannia is a story quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in the Parade District and is acquired right after completing A Malpractice of Doctors. This is the final quest for Arthur so it should be taken into caution before entering the station.

Objectives Edit

  • Go downstairs to Apple Holm Station
  • Head down to the platform
  • Find a way across the blockade
  • Go down in the Motilene mine
  • Power up the machine
  • Escape the Motilene mine
  • Escape Wellington Wells

In-Game Description Edit

All aboard the Great Western for Chippenham, Swindon, Newbury, Reading and London Paddington Station!

Hopefully it won't have been colonized by large mutant rats.

Of course they mined right under the train tracks. Of course they did.

At least it won't be raining.

I think I can cross that gap if I can get that machine going.

Well, this is it. The light at the end of the tunnel. I've just one bridge to cross and then I'm out of Wellington Wells.

Just a stroll across the tracks and I'm free as a bird.

Oh, and I can find Percy, and take care of him like I promised.

Walkthrough Edit

Arthur makes his way to the Broadcast Tower, telling the Bobby that the gate has been unquarantined, granting him access. This will complete the Letter of Transit quest.

Making his way inside the lobby and going down to the station will prompt a message warning the point of no return. Passing the downer detector booth and two Bobbies on the right wing can be dispatched quietly, along with a Fire Extinguisher can be picked up for later.

He then scale a couples of scaffoldings and crawl underneath a broken set of tunnel filled with broken motilene pipes. Near the end of the tunnel he meets the deceased Prudence Holmes. Exiting the tunnel will lead to a giant Motilene Mine.

Travelling deeper into the mine, Arthur encounter Jim Watt, the Chief Engineer of the mine. Jim then give him the keycard to take out the "activator". Entering the control room and activate the excavator, it raises to another cliff across the hole and making way for him, however this will alert everyone in the mine and making them hostile. After reaching the exit, an explosion knocks Arthur out.

Walking past the abandoned security checkpoint and reach the closed metal door will complete Arthur's playthrough, unlocking Act II: Sally.

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Memories that the player will gather Edit


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