Bring Out Your Dead is a side quest in We Happy Few. Both Arthur and Sally can come across this quest.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

Arthur Edit

Oh, heavens. That's Mrs. Marley.

She used to live down the road from us. Who killed her? I wonder if she's got anything useful on her.

Oh my Lord, I've become a ghoul.

That's a handy sized rock. Perfect for throwing. I bet I could knock someone out with it. Stun them, at least.

That actually almost sounds fun. Is that too awful?


Arthur and Sally walks up to Marley's fresh corpse and searches her body to see what she has on her. Be careful as to not let any other wastrels see this happening as to avoid an angry mob.

They can also loot her safe for a couple Sovereigns and two carrots. A note that was written by her describes the reason for her death. Do note that taking these items do not count as thievery, so any NPCs nearby won't get mad.


Notes that the player will gather Edit

Mrs. Marley's Letter

Items that the player will gather Edit

9x Sovereign

A Rock

A Rotten Mushroom

2x Carrot

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