Bricks and Spiky Bricks are ranged weapons in We Happy Few.


Both Wellies and Wastrels can throw bricks at the player, but not spiky bricks. The player can continue to delay when an NPC is about to throw a brick by attacking or shoving them.

Spiky Bricks are guaranteed to cause bleeding on NPCs.

To craft the Spiky Brick, the player will need to find its blueprint, regular Bricks cannot be crafted.


At the end of the quest, Speaker's Corner, there will be loads of regular and spiky bricks on the ground for the player to take.


  • Sometimes, NPCs will only have Bricks as their weapon, meaning they'll continuously throw them at the player and never attempt to throw fists.
    • An NPC who threw bricks at the player will only have one remaining brick in their inventory.


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