Brave is the first Memory for Sally Boyle  in We Happy Few. It can be found near the grafitti on the bridge leading to Lud's Holm.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Boyle, Sally's mother, shows her of what happened to the people who tried to burn the registry that had the names of all children going on the train to Germany.

Transcript Edit

Sally: "Why did you bring us here?"

Mrs. Boyle: "I wanted you all to see what bravery looks like."

Sally: "We have to take them home."

Mrs. Boyle: "At least they tried to destroy the birth records. At least they tried. And the rest of the town hanged them on this bridge."

Sally: "Are they just going to let those people hanging there till they rot? It's medieval."

Mrs. Boyle: "I wish I was as half as brave as Tommy Cranmer. And the Lashfords."

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