The Branch is a weapon in We Happy Few. It is a large tree branch that the character uses as a makeshift melee weapon.

The Branch is a very common weapon that can be found in both the Garden District and in Hamlyn Village. The easiest way to find one is to either search fireplaces and campfires and to look around in the grassy fields in the Garden District, as Branches can be randomly spawned lying on the ground in groups of 1-3. Alternatively, the player can also obtain Branches as loot from Wastrels, albeit rarely

It is a good starter weapon for the early stages of the game and can allow the player to take on and defeat low-level enemies but it quickly becomes outclassed by other weapons as the Branch is not very durable and deals relatively little damage.

Regardless, the Branch is much better than nothing at all as it gives the player the ability to block enemy melee attacks and deals more damage and has a longer reach than bare fists.

Despite its unimpressive stats, the Branch is a very upgradable weapon as it can be used to craft three other weapons.


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