The Boiler Suit (British English for (c)overalls) is a craftable outfit in We Happy Few.

Appearance Edit

It is a somewhat greyish dark blue jumpsuit with two large chest pockets, a similarly-colored belt and brownish-yellow gloves as accessories. The emblem of Wellington Wells is emblazoned onto the left-hand-side pocket.

Locations Edit

The Boiler Suit can be obtained either by crafting it or by buying it from the Shady Dealer.

Overview Edit

Aside from having a different appearance, the Boiler Suit is otherwise identical to the Proper Suit in that it allows the player to move around in Hamlyn Village and the Parade District without arising suspicion. Likewise, if worn in the Garden District, it will anger Wastrels.

The Boiler Suit differs from the Proper Suit, however, in that it is also the standard uniform for Council Workers and if the player wears one, everyone will assume that they are one, thanks to Joy. In practice, this allows the player to use Shortspikes, Polarity Devices, and Electro-Lock Shockers on Control Boxes and other machines without raising any suspicion.

In addition to that, when playing as Ollie Starkey, the Boiler Suit will replace the Proper Suit in the crafting menu, making it the only outfit that Ollie can craft that allows him to move around in Hamlyn Village and the Parade District.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player were to aquire and put on the boiler suit as Sally, she won't actually wear the suit as she doesn't have a model for it in the game. The townsfolk will still behave as if she is wearing one though, allowing her to walk around without any clothes on, this also works for other outfits such as the military suit as well.

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