Bobby Uniform is a clothing item in We Happy Few that only appears in The Night Watch Mode, in which the player takes the role of a Bobby named John Constable who has fight off hoards of Wastrels each night.  

It is the signature outfit of the Bobbies. 

Outside of the Night Watch, The Bobby Uniform can only be obtained through console commands.  

If obtained and worn, however, it behaves like the Proper Suit and allows the player to move around in Hamlyn Village without raising suspicion. Do note, however, that it will not allow the player to be outdoors during curfew without the "Nothing To See Here" skill. 

Appearance Edit

Appearance-wise, the Bobby Uniform (when worn by Bobbies) consists of a dark blue (almost black) overcoat and trousers along with black dress shoes and white gloves. The front of the overcoat is adorned with three rows of gilded buttons, a gold-rimmed collar, a silver police badge, and a black leather belt with a silver Brunswick Star on the buckle. A pair of metal handcuffs hang from the right-hand side of the belt but are not usable.

When dropped as an item in-game, the Bobby Uniform will be packed into a dark-blue suitcase with gilded metal details. 


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