Bobby Truncheon is a melee weapon in We Happy Few. It is the signature weapon of the Bobbies.

The Bobby Truncheon is a stereotypical wooden police baton, being a rounded, cylindrical wooden club with a decorated grip, a rounded pommel and a long, outwards tapered business end with a rounded top.

Overview Edit

Being the weapon of choice for Bobbies on Easy and Medium difficulty, the Bobby Truncheon is a fairly decent mid-tier weapon, being on par with most other weapons encountered in Hamlyn Village, making it a serviceable weapon for the mid-game. it is decently durable, being less durable than a Lead Pipe but more Durable than a Cricket Bat.

The Bobby Truncheon will, however, eventually become outclassed by more powerful weapons like Flaming Lead Pipes once the player reaches the Parade District.

Acquisition Edit

The Bobby Truncheon can be obtained by either looting it from a defeated Bobby, by buying it from Lionel Castershire at the Odds & Ends Shop or alternatively it can also sometimes be obtained from Chests in Dig Spots.

In the Night Watch mode, John Constable will start the game wielding this weapon and can purchase more from wending machines for £25 apiece.

Crafting Edit

Bobby Truncheons is used to craft the Electric Truncheon, a more powerful and far more durable weapon in comparison to the regular truncheon.

The Bobby Truncheon itself is not craftable.

Trivia Edit

  • In earlier versions of the game, the Bobby Truncheon was known as the "Bobby Baton".
  • The console command for the Bobby Truncheon is called "Bobby Nightstick", which is another word for Baton.

Gallery Edit

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