One of the many Bobby Poppers you can encounter in Wellington Wells
Bobby Poppers are a system of devices that can be found all over Hamlyn Village and Parade District.

Overview Edit

Bobby Poppers are essentially police boxes, connected via a system of pipes underground. These pipes allow for the Bobbies to travel quickly all over Wellington Wells. They also have liquefied Joy so the Bobbies will refresh without consuming Joy Pills.

The Police Boxes were invented by Dr. Faraday, although she stopped making them along with all other devices later on.

Gameplay Edit

Bobby Poppers pose a threat to the player by spawning in a limitless amount of Bobbies. They can be triggered by alarms or if Bobbies call for reinforcements. They cannot be destroyed.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

During Act l, while Arthur is down in an underground power facility, he happens to see Bobbies flying through the pipes, displaying how they get around town. Arthur then wonders if they sometimes get stuck in there, and how awkward it must be if they did.

During Night Watch Mode, the player takes control of John Constable fending off Wastrels. The player enters and exits each wave via the Bobby Poppers scattered throughout the town.

Quests Involved Edit

Popped Popper

Gallery Edit

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