Blood in the Streets is an altered quest that was present during Alpha We Happy Few. It is currently known as Sum of the Parts.

Objectives Edit

  • Power the Downer Detector
  • Enter Work Zone without setting off a Doner Detector
  • Reverse the Polarity on the Spankers
  • Throw the Alarm
  • Escape from the Work Zone

Walkthrough Edit

The player needed a Power Cell, Joy/Sunshine Pills, Shortspike and a Polarity Device on hand. After powering up the detector, they needed to be dosed on Joy or Sunshine to get to the other side without setting off the Spankers.

When on the other side, the player had to use a Shortspike on the control box to unlock the door that lead to the actual control box the player had to reverse the polarity on. After that, they had to activate the fire alarm so that the spanker would attack the Bobbies and not the player.

Then they had to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, the layout is twice as large. And the player doesn't have to kill the Bobbies at all, they only have to search the trashed car on the other side.
  • The player had to get into this area whether they liked it or not, because the car inside needed to be extracted for Dr. Faraday.
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