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Blackberry Joy, commonly shortened to just Blackberry, is special version of Joy created by Sally Boyle from herbal extracts and is the main topic of her story arc in We Happy Few.

Buff EasilyForgotten.png Appearance[]

Appearance-wise; Blackberry Joy Pills are capsules colored with a dark and light purple.

The recipe for making Blackberry Joy

is the following four key ingredients:

In addition to those, Blackberry Joy requires advanced chemistry equipment in order to combine the materials effectively. Such equipment can be found in Sally's house.

Buff PureBliss.png Events of We Happy Few[]

"The lads over at the station appear to have developed a rather good taste for your fine cooking, so as to say, If they go hungry, chaos will ensue."
— A Bobby warning Sally about the consequences of their dwindling supply of Blackberry Joy

Act II[]

Blackberry Joy was created by Sally as an alternative to standard Joy for use by Constables, Doctors, Government officials and others. Unlike Joy, Blackberry allows the user to keep a clear head while working.

Blackberry eliminates negative emotions from the user without the usual impairments and dysfunctions caused by normal Joy. Blackberry is not available for general consumption and is instead only available as a prescription drug for those that need it.

Blackberry, however, is also much more addictive than normal Joy, as going into Blackberry Joy withdrawal will cause the user to develop an extreme craving for the drug, to the point of becoming violent. This is seen with Spud Murphy, who, after running out of Blackberry Joy, broke into Sally's apartment, assaulted her and ransacked her laboratory in search for more Blackberry.

The Bobbies, with their supply of Blackberry Joy running low and fully aware of the horrible effects of withdrawal, also began to threaten Sally in order to pressure her into manufacturing more Blackberry.


Sally also mentions that once someone goes on Blackberry, they can't take regular Joy due to the violent withdrawal symptoms. This can be seen in the Night Watch Mode, where if the player uses console commands to give John Constable normal Joy and takes it, he will instantly go into Joy withdrawal.

This can also be seen with Nick Lightbearer, as he confuses Blackberry for "Party Favours" at the hotel. The mixture of his special pills, Strawberry and Blackberry causes him to go through an extreme drug trip with the elevator.

The Night Watch[]

The Night Watch Mode gives a first-hand perspective to Blackberry Joy use and withdrawal;

When high on Blackberry Joy, John Constable will perceive the world with a purplish-tint and will be unfazed by the enemies present or his violence against them. He will also be under the impression that he is simply "subduing" the Wastrels and Downers he encounters and leaving them for the Doctors to treat.

In reality, however, he is brutally beating them up and down, with lethal outcomes, and those that survive will simply be shot full of Joy by the Doctors with no actual treatment being done while the Jubilators clean up the bodies of the dead like trash.

If John Constable goes into Joy withdrawal, the world will become red and dull, enemies' eyes will glow menacingly, their voices will become distorted and every time John hits an opponent, they will make a dreadful crunching noise, resembling that of bones breaking.

Lightbearer DLC[]

The Lightbearer DLC gives a different perspective to what happens if one indiscriminately mixes normal Joy and Blackberry Joy together in their diet. While on his way to retrieve a piano tuner, Nick Lightbearer passes by a bowl full of Blackberry Joy and, being his usual decadent and hedonistic self, decides to indulge on the "party favors".

This turns out to be a grave mistake as Nick is a heavy user of both Strawberry Joy and his "reds and yellows", and instead of making him happy, the Blackberry Joy triggers a nasty episode of extreme, surreal and trippy hallucinations, effectively sending Nick on an LSD-like "acid trip" where he travels through distorted corridors full of mirrors and floating masked faces, hears creepy music and whispering.

He gets chased by flaming elevator doors with sharp teeth, indirectly experiences a murder and eventually travels through a corridor that tips over and sends him falling into the mouth of the elevator doors, after which he crashes back into reality.

Buff TypicallyBritish.png History[]

Before We Happy Few[]

Prior to her departure from Haworth Labs, Sally had begun work on a new version of Joy. Anton Verloc, her superior and lover, believes that he had a hand in its design, though Sally refutes this. When Sally left the Labs due to her pregnancy, she took the notes on Joy with her. And without these notes, Verloc cannot create any functional Joy, hence his delay of releasing Coconut Joy.

Spud's Discovery[]

One day, while Sally was working on the next batch of Blackberry for the Constabulary, she was visited by an erratic and unstable Spud Murphy, who was craving the unique brand of Joy. Sally refused to let him in, but he eventually broke in her lab and knocked her aside, destructively ransacking Boyle's apartment in an effort to locate some "stashed" Blackberry.

Rather than finding his prize, he instead discovered Gwen Boyle, Sally's hidden daughter she had been keeping a secret. As he held her in utter disbelief, Sally stabbed him with a Knockout Syringe, rendering him unconscious. Sally would then proceed to unceremoniously dump Murphy into a rubbish bin behind her house.

Laboratory Damage[]

Later on, Sally's lab suffers extensive damage due to a combination of Murphy's attack and neglect in monitoring. Sally is then forced to seek out new equipment to fix things up, as well as go on a series of personal quests to find the ingredients for Blackberry.

All this is done while under heavy pressure from the Constables, who are forced to ration their Blackberry Joy intake, resulting in them all beginning to be afflicted with a form of rash withdrawal like Spud, though they have better restraint and are able to handle this insufficient Joy intake.

The Next Batch[]

In order to craft a next batch, Sally is forced to travel to the quarantined island Ratholm, forcibly extract the pituitary fluids from Col. Thomas Lawrence, speak with the Weird Sisters in Lud's Holm, and acquire pheromones from butterflies scattered about in the now-abandoned Train Station.

Eventually, Sally manages to get all the necessary ingredients and creates a fresh batch of Blackberry, much to the anxious Constables' relief. However, her clients reveal that they'll soon need more, due to the nature of their work.

Given the perils Sally had to go through in order to make the newest batch, she accepts the reality that she needs to leave town for the safety of herself and her daughter.

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