Biological Hazard is a side quest in We Happy Few. Arthur comes across this quest in Lud's Holm, finding an injured Thomas Cream in a waste pool.

Requirements Edit


  • Talk to Thomas Cream
  • Give Thomas an Antiseptic Bandage
  • Tidy the pond
  • Talk to Thomas again

In-Game DescriptionEdit

That poor guy keeps throwing up into that horrible bog. Is he too sick to realize it's making him sick? I should see what's going on.

It might also help if he got away from this toxic bog, but who am I to judge..

There we go. That's better isn't it?

Tidy a toxic pond -- that sounds awfully altruistic. What if I get stuck with one of those needles he's talking about?

Aren't I the do-gooder?

He'd better be terribly grateful. I wonder what he's got to say for himself.


Arthur talks with Thomas Creamer who's stuck in the toxic pond due to stepping on an infected needle, he asks for Arthur to give him an Antiseptic Bandage.

Once he has the bandage, he tells Arthur to clean up the pond before anyone else gets sick, he also warns about stepping on the garbage, as he is likely to get infected himself.

Walk carefully around the area, scanning the ground for the Dirty Bandages, Empty Pill Bottles and Empty Syringes.

When this is done, Thomas rewards Arthur with a dug ttreasure his friend buried by The Bloody Rock. Look on the map for a Point of Interest labled The Bloody Rock and recieve your treasure.


Items that the player will gather Edit

3 skill points

Trivia Edit

  • If Arthur returns to the toxic pond, he will find Thomas showering under the drain.
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