Benedict Keyes

Benedick Keyes.

Benedick Keyes is a chemist who created Mojo, a perfume that makes you smell like a Joy Doctor. He is constantly trying to win the affection of wellie Beatrice Gates. She doesn't share his feelings back.

Act l Edit

Arthur sneaks behind the bushes watching a Benedick attempts to kiss Beatrice, only for her to slap on him in the face, resulting in him breaking into tears. Arthur gives him flowers and hides behind the bushes whispering what he should say to Beatrice. Benedick messes it up, but after begging her she gives in and agrees. Benedick thanks Arthur giving him the Mojo recipe.

Act ll Edit

Benedick asks Sally for fake Joy (Sunshine), she first denies this. But Benedick explains that he's unsure if Beatrice really loves him or not and wants to know how she really fells about him. Sally warns him about her becoming a downer. Benedick reassures her he'll give her a real Joy pill after she tells him the truth.

Meeting again 24 hours later, Benedick is crying, revealing Beatrice never loved him. He also reveals he's gone off his Joy too. He begs Sally for a memory erasing drug, in exchange for the Mojo recipe. Sally warns him of the risks before giving in and handing him over an Oblivion pill.

Trivia: Edit

  • Their names are reference to fictional characters Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespearean's comedy play Much Ado About Nothing written between 1598 to 1599.

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