Belinda is one of the many Nick Lightbearer fans who only appears in the Lightbearer DLC, she only appears in a cutscene with Nick in which he wakes up from a nightmare with her laying next to him on the bed. 


Belinda, much like all the other Lightbearer fans, behaves extremely erratically when in contact with Nick Lightbearer. She seems to be too honest for her own good as he doesn't try to hide that she had snuck into his room while he was away.

She also doesn't seem to care too much about Nick personally as she disregards everything he rambles about whilst looking over the note he wrote in his sleep.

Lightbearer DLCEdit

Belinda is first introduced in a cutscene after Nick Lightbearer found the deceased Virgil Dainty in the arms of a golden statue. At first he thinks everything up to that point was only a nightmare, wishing to know if she knew where he was last night, only for her to admit that she fell asleep before she saw him. 

Once she mentions wanting him to write a song for her he remembers about writing things down on a note to remember things, only to find Very Alarming Lyrics, she becomes dissapointed, mentioning that she was hoping it would've be more cheerier. This makes Nick realize that everything before this wasn't a dream and decides it's best for him to sneak out before the manager finds him.

This is the breaking point for Belinda as she bluntly asks Nick if he's going to shag her, in which Nick silently rejects her offer before she runs off to the bathroom to cry, ending the cutscene.


  • It is unknown what her surname is.
  • She doesn't appear again in the DLC.
  • Her favourite Nick Lightbearer song is called "Give It a Twirl, Girl!"
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